Planning Team Responsibilities

June 21, 2014

Here is a list of the key roles and responsibilities for the Milestones event and how we plan to organize the planning process for 2015.

Milestones 2015 – May 30 at California State University, Channel Islands

Milestones Planning Team – Responsibilities

Program Team – Cristina Miranda, Coordinator
Keynote Speaker; and speaker for “closing remarks”
Emcee; and who does the Grand Prize Drawing
Photo Booth and Photographer
Recognition of Honorees – receiving line

Invitation-Outreach Team – Rhonda Carlson-Raquel Montes-   Co-Coordinators
Save the date – advance publicity
Outreach to ILP, Group Homes, etc.
Invitations by e-mail or snail mail
Online Registration
Follow up phone calls – hairstyling, etc.
Providing hairstylists, make-up, clothing, transportation and childcare
Milestones power point display

Fund Raising Team – Claudia Salfen, Coordinator
Table Sponsors
Cash donations and donations of gift cards
Grand Prize donations
Speaking engagements at churches, Rotary, etc.

Event Staging Team – Lynda Bowman - Coordinator
Facility and Decorations – selecting the location for the event
Audio-Visual-Sound Equipment, microphones
Dinner – Buffet style – menu selection
Seating layout and placing of DJ, photo booth, etc.
Managing the time for the event – keeping it “on time”
Registration and Greeters
Childcare – coordinate with Invitation-Outreach Team
Food, snacks, drinks for vendors (hairstylists, photo booth, etc.)

Administration Team – Coordinator Position is Open
Purchases of Gift Cards and Grand Prizes
Finances – bank acct.- accounting, donor records and payments-expenses
Tracking online registration
Coordinating communication among all teams

The Event

The next Milestones celebration will be on

June 17, 2017

at California State University, Channel Islands

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Cal State Channel Islands

Campus Map and Parking



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